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Green Fee Needed Now

Green Fee Needed Now

Impose higher federal and or state gasoline taxes now. Ok, I said it. Call it a ‘Green Fee’ if you want. Call it anything you want, but provide funds to continue the recent progress toward a greener economy.

The federal gas tax has been in place since 1932. Contrary to popular belief, all monies do not go to highways or infrastructure, in fact that didn’t even start until the 50’s, prior to that it was used to fund wars. Since 1980 the tax has increased dramatically from 4cents to 18cents per gallon. Yet, we still have a call from Obama and congress for Infrastructure spending for roads, bridges and the like. What have you been doing with the money Congress?

Exxon Tax ? Can’t we be more creative?

The old tax’em when they are doing ‘too well’ government philosophy, is back in Washington D.C. The recent calls for a windfall profit tax against the oil companies certainly doesn’t support capitalism, fair play, foreign competitiveness, or sound economic policy. It is just plain silly.