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Residential Solar - A Real World Example

Residential Solar – A Real World Example

I am in the process of designing and quoting a solar electrical system for a house I recently purchased. This is a ‘Split Level’ Home of approximately 1900 sq feet. The heating systems is electric baseboard. I researched several local companies that provide a soup to nuts service and installation.

Once you have selected a provider, the first step is usually a quick suitability review from the installer. With an address, they can pull up google maps and get a view of your house, determine the orientation and roof structure. From that initial review you get some immediate feedback about solar applicability on your house.

Solar Power from your Windows

Solar Power from your Windows

The research and innovation teams working on Solar power are making progress with practical and effective solutions. Multiple teams across the globe are focused on thinner materials and concentrators that can take sunlight and turn it into electricity.

Quick Solar Energy Contribution – Pole Mount Solar

I think this is a simple logical plan. Electric companies that have the equipment, manpower and motivation to supplement their local power grids should install pole mounted solar and/or wind on top of the numerous utility poles they have across the USA.