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Residential Solar - A Real World Example

Residential Solar – A Real World Example

I am in the process of designing and quoting a solar electrical system for a house I recently purchased. This is a ‘Split Level’ Home of approximately 1900 sq feet. The heating systems is electric baseboard. I researched several local companies that provide a soup to nuts service and installation.

Once you have selected a provider, the first step is usually a quick suitability review from the installer. With an address, they can pull up google maps and get a view of your house, determine the orientation and roof structure. From that initial review you get some immediate feedback about solar applicability on your house.

Residential Wind Turbine - Vertical

Residential Wind Turbine – Vertical

I am a big proponent of vertical axis wind turbine vs large rotored wind turbines. I believe they have more real world uses than, their ‘bigger is better’ horizontal cousins.

Residential Geothermal – Here now. Is it Cost Effective?

The idea, which is being proven effective every day by companies like Climatemaster and Waterfurnace is a real choice for new construction, public buildings and upgrading your home system. The earth absorbs almost 50% of all solar energy and remains a nearly constant temperature of 50°F to 70°F depending on geographic location. Working with an […]

Vertical Wind Turbine – Quiet Revolution

I love this idea. The problem with many wind turbine installations has been the NIMBY it fosters in local communities. The large turbines, destroy the view, make too much noise and cost too much. Those are the usual complaints. We have a major wind project held up along the cape cod coast for exactly these […]