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Stimulus Plan Energy Review

Stimulus Plan Energy Review

I spent some time reviewing the current version of the Senate Stimulus bill. This is the ‘compromise’ version led by Ben Nelson and Susan Collins. They have proposed a reduced bill size of approximately 780B dollars.

Cash for Clunkers – An Idea worth looking at

This idea has some advantages and some pitfalls, but in an age of energy and environmental crisis, it is worth considering. The annual cost of $8b to $20b, depends on how fast we want to ramp this program up.

Quick Solar Energy Contribution – Pole Mount Solar

I think this is a simple logical plan. Electric companies that have the equipment, manpower and motivation to supplement their local power grids should install pole mounted solar and/or wind on top of the numerous utility poles they have across the USA.

How to reduce the price of Oil by 20% immediately

UPDATE: In thinking about this more, let’s kill several birds with one barrel. Or more specifically, how about we (the government) sell the oil to the oil companies at below market rates instead. After all, this was an investment the government made with our money, and for once it actually had a return. Unlike almost […]