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Green Fee Needed Now

Green Fee Needed Now

Impose higher federal and or state gasoline taxes now. Ok, I said it. Call it a ‘Green Fee’ if you want. Call it anything you want, but provide funds to continue the recent progress toward a greener economy.

The federal gas tax has been in place since 1932. Contrary to popular belief, all monies do not go to highways or infrastructure, in fact that didn’t even start until the 50’s, prior to that it was used to fund wars. Since 1980 the tax has increased dramatically from 4cents to 18cents per gallon. Yet, we still have a call from Obama and congress for Infrastructure spending for roads, bridges and the like. What have you been doing with the money Congress?

Keep it Green

Keep it Green

Don’t stop now. Don’t get comfortable again. Keep it Green.

Like a dieter who loses a few pounds after the first week, let’s not settle back into our old habits and think we will keep it off.istock_000007185445xsmall

Good progress has been made making the public aware of the need to reduce our dependency on oil by looking for alternative, sustainable alternatives. Politicians talk about it, CNN reports on it, Newspapers write about it. Now that oil prices are falling again let’s not get lazy. We need to keep the momentum going.

Residential Geothermal – Here now. Is it Cost Effective?

The idea, which is being proven effective every day by companies like Climatemaster and Waterfurnace is a real choice for new construction, public buildings and upgrading your home system. The earth absorbs almost 50% of all solar energy and remains a nearly constant temperature of 50°F to 70°F depending on geographic location. Working with an […]

Personal Transit System

Driving down the Mass Pike every morning, by myself, in my hybrid, I always wondered why wouldn’t someone build a Disney style monorail down the middle of the Turnpike. Thinking about it, I guess it is not much different from current rail systems in town. How about a more flexible approach, where you can travel […]