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Simple Device on Cars and Trucks boosts Fuel Economy by 20%

Temple University researchers have proven out a new device to add to your fuel line in any car or truck.  This device ties into your battery and creates an electric field.  The gas line or diesel line is then routed through this device and the electrical field lowers the viscosity or basically vaporizes the gas into smaller droplets.  This ‘thinned out’ fuel is then processed normally in your car.

The Temple University team has tested this for six months on a diesel powered car and increased fuel efficiency for both highway and city driving by 20%.

They are actively working with a local trucking company to test it further.  Diesel trucks are a logical use of this, but the same technology works safely on gasoline, kerosene and other fuels.  Exciting stuff.  Innovation and Engineering will lead us out of this energy mess !

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