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Roof Mounted – Residential Wind Turbine

Finally. Quiet, Safe,  wind power for your roof.  Up until now, most wind installations required you looking above the tree line, for wind streams.  No doubt, the air currents are better up there but the costs and permitting process can be a problem.  This new unit from Swift Turbine looks like a low cost alternative to make rooftop energy a real alternative.

swift-turbineSome product information below;

The Swift turbine is mounted on an aluminum mast with a minimum blade-roof clearance of approximately 2 feet. It is usually mounted at the highest point of a roof, in a position which benefits from maximum prevailing wind, but it will work effectively in almost any location. The Swift is designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and quiet.

The Swift turbine mounting brackets incorporate a damping system, specifically designed to absorb a wide range of frequencies. The patented diffuser minimizes turbine noise by preventing noises at the blade tip. In addition, the five bladed design allows for a slower speed of rotation to further reduce noise, making the Swift Wind Turbine one of the quietest wind systems. Now you can have a quiet vibration free energy generated right from your rooftop.

Swift Wind Turbine will be manufactured by Cascade Engineering in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Cascade Engineering will be manufacturing all blades worldwide and will do assembly for all turbines sold in the United States.

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