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Residential Wind Turbine - Vertical

Residential Wind Turbine – Vertical

I am a big proponent of vertical axis wind turbine vs large rotored wind turbines. I believe they have more real world uses than, their ‘bigger is better’ horizontal cousins.

Miscanthus better than Switchgrass for Biofuel Production

Miscanthus better than Switchgrass for Biofuel Production

A recent study demonstrates the capability of Miscanthus in producing ethanol. The benefits of Switchgrass, in that in can grow in most any soil type, is perennial and easy to grow. Advantages of MIscanthus are it grows quicker, in less acreage, and produces more ethanol.

Obama must be reading MyGreenSuit

LANSING, Mich. – Barack Obama put forward a broad energy plan Monday designed to end U.S. reliance on imported oil within 10 years and shore up his standing amid a tightening White House race and high-anxiety over gas prices.

Cash for Clunkers – An Idea worth looking at

This idea has some advantages and some pitfalls, but in an age of energy and environmental crisis, it is worth considering. The annual cost of $8b to $20b, depends on how fast we want to ramp this program up.

Exxon Tax ? Can’t we be more creative?

The old tax’em when they are doing ‘too well’ government philosophy, is back in Washington D.C. The recent calls for a windfall profit tax against the oil companies certainly doesn’t support capitalism, fair play, foreign competitiveness, or sound economic policy. It is just plain silly.

X-Prize for 100mpg Car

X-Prize for 100mpg Car

A $10M dollar prize for a commercially viable 100mpg car. The X PRIZE is an international competition designed to inspire a new generation of viable, super fuel-efficient vehicles. The independent and technology-neutral competition is open to teams from around the world that can design, build and bring to market 100 MPGe (miles per gallon energy equivalent) vehicles that people want to buy, and that meet market needs for price, size, capability, safety and performance.

Quick Solar Energy Contribution – Pole Mount Solar

I think this is a simple logical plan. Electric companies that have the equipment, manpower and motivation to supplement their local power grids should install pole mounted solar and/or wind on top of the numerous utility poles they have across the USA.

Obama Energy Policy Score

Obama has touched on many topics on his web site and in his energy policy papers. It seems as if he is looking for points by mentioning every type of alternative energy or pet project currently out there. He has plans for coal, alternative energy, international cooperation, and lots of mandated targets. As you would […]

Campaign 2008 – Energy Policy Scorecard

I will spend some time reviewing the Obama and McCain campaign materials for Energy Policy. As this blog highlights, my interests are reducing/eliminating our dependency on foreign oil, incentivize private industry to develop alternative energy sources, reduce our overall energy consumption, and reduce our carbon and methane emissions from the production of energy. I would […]

Cement - Carbon Polluter

Cement – Carbon Polluter

I have recently read about the production of Cement and how it contributes to carbon emmissions. At 5%, it is a top four contributor to world carbon dioxide levels. You have got to be kidding. I think most people, like me, are completely oblivious to this fact.