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Keep it Green

Don’t stop now.  Don’t get comfortable again. Keep it Green.

Like a dieter who loses a few pounds after the first week, let’s not settle back into our old habits and think we will keep it off.istock_000007185445xsmall

Good progress has been made making the public aware of the need to reduce our dependency on oil by looking for alternative, sustainable alternatives.  Politicians talk about it, CNN reports on it, Newspapers write about it.  Now that oil prices are falling again let’s not get lazy. We need to keep the momentum going.

The current political campaign has not discussed energy alternatives very well.  There has been too much time and discussion on more drilling, clean coal and nuclear.  Hopefully, as a country that rises to challenges, that has the best workers that are innovative and creative,  we can do better. This are a sad statement to our current capabilities if we think we have to use the crutch of coal and nuclear.  Leaving this aside, and giving kudos to the millions spent by T.Boone Pickens , discussion of alternatives have become mainstream.

People are expecting progress.  I am expecting progress.  From venture capitalists to scientists, to the residential owners, to commuters we are all expecting the excitement to continue.  Are we so shallow that the fact that gas prices come down 25% that we will no longer look for more efficient cars?

I think things have fundamentally changed.  The fat, greedy, energy hungry American has to change.  This is a forced diet, an intervention by the globe that must continue. We have already moved towards solutions.  Automakers have adapted their designs to be more energy efficient, venture capitalists have funded billions of dollars into the green economy.  They will expect a return on their investment.  Assuming they produce good products at a reasonable price, consumers will buy them and we can ‘Keep it Green’.

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