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Incent to Invent

From the few mentions I have heard from the present political candidates, there actually might be some limited traction around incentives to promote innovation around alternative energy.  The model mentioned frequently is the X-Prize for space travel.  From most measure this seemed to work, good progress on the technology, and a proposed business model (TBD), with Virgin behind it has emerged.  Sounds good right ?  Is it that simple?  I think maybe…

What we are trying to fight is the constant naysaying and defeatism in the language used by our clueless leaders.  A common avoidance mechanism is saying things like  “that is 20 years away from being viable”, “it works but it just costs too much right now”, ” the American people would never accept that, they are used to power and large cars”.  Well excuse me if I can think on my own.  I have faith that the American people when confronted with non-biased information, viable choices and a free marketplace will make the right decision.  They have proven this time and time again.

The question is should the behemoth government, mandate us to act accordingly to save energy or should they take some of our money (yes taxes are our money) and provide a jumpstart to companies and individuals toward a common goal.  Should the government work with the electrical companies, to monitor your household electrical usage and potentially lower thermostats in homes remotely, as in California, or should they provide an X-Prize foundation type incentive for innovation.  Let me guess….

Five billion dollar prizes, yes five billion.  You know what use to be a lot of money, five billion.  Spent each  12 days in Iraq.  Five billion dollars to a company that produces a mass market auto with 100MPG.  A committee to determine the exact specifications and requirements wouldn’t be hard to find.  The X-Prize foundation could easily accomodate it now.

I know the technology is there let’s use our money to promote the innovation and let the american entrepreneurial spirit shine.

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