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A Green Snowblower

To continue my migration to all things green, my big, heavy, smokey snowblower has found it’s new home under my deck.  Yes, I might have to get some exercise this winter.

Here in New England we expect anywhere from 75 to 120 inches of snow each year, and it needs to be removed from driveways and sidewalks.  In true American style, we have built some monster snowblowers, to do the heavy lifting for us.  Gas powered, noisy, newspaper eating,  propellors throwing the snow 30 feet in the air.  Fun, yes. Green, no.

Since I couldn’t find a nice battery operated snowblower, I had to resort to looking at manual alternatives, and I found it.  The Wovel.  Yes, the Wovel.

Other than strange looks from my neighbors, which I am already used to, I expect to be able to clear the snow in about the same time as the snow beast.

I am actually excited about the first snow fall.

I will keep you up to date on how it works.


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