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Drill, Baby, Drill !

Coal companies and Oil companies are defining the future energy plans of this country.

We are at a key moment in our economic, political and environmental futures.  There is an increasing awareness of the need for energy independence and environmentally friendly energy.  We have an opportunity to solve these legitimate issues in a far reaching, planet saving, approach or fall back on the easy way.  I, for one, do not want to be part of a generation that takes the easy way.  We owe it to ourselves and our children to fight the right fight, however difficult that may be.  The right fight is one that makes these two issues into one issue.  We can find solutions that free us from foreign dictators AND are environmentally friendly.

Our energy plan for the future needs to be one that relies on efficiencies in our distribution and use of electricity, comes from renewable clean energy sources, and is local to the electrical users.  It will require innovation, new technology and a consumer commitment to make this happen.  The government needs to provide guidance, lofty goals, limited support where needed, and for the most part get out of the way.  Tom Friedman in his new book, “Hot, Flat and Crowded”, is calling it the ‘ET’ revolution or Energy Technology.  He compares it to the IT revolution which led to amazing productivity enhancements across our economy.

Whatever we call it, how we move forward on these issues will define us as a generation.

Drill, Baby, Drill, is a sad commentary of how things work now.  Oil companies and lobbyists, that both campaigns swear off as having no place in Washington, have made oil drilling a top topic and wrapped it in the, ‘Energy Plan for the Future’ blanket.  Although it may help with reducing oil dependency on the Axis of Oil, it does not do it in a way that is respectful of our planet. The more time we discuss this in public debates, the less time we spend on real solutions.  Solutions that can meet both goals of energy independence and renewable, clean energy.  Drill, baby, drill does not meet the basic principles outlined above, it is not clean, it is not local, and it is not renewable.

Let’s change the debate to a discussion of how we as Amercians can show humility, by admitting we have a problem, show fortitude, by applying our best resources to solving the problem, and show respect, for our planet and all of it’s residents.

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  1. Drill baby Drill?
    If we are going to drill why not drill for hot rocks and use GEOTHERMAL? I have seen some reports that some oil wells are so deep and hot the uranium bits melt. One government report stated we could have 30,000 years of energy from geothermal. If we start using technology to solve the energy problems we could do it in less time than it took to put a man on the moon after Kennedy set the goal. It would sure be better than using weapon technology.
    But weapons seems to be the mind set of our elected officals.

  2. Geothermal has huge potential – residential, public facilities etc. It really is a minimum amount of drilling/digging required. Most of the equipment for foundation work or water well drilling will work. If you go down 50 feet, you are at 55 degrees in most places. Nice to start from there for your heating and cooling needs.

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