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Conservation Corps

A timely post from the 2008 Presidential campaign, revisted now.  Auto workers, manufacturing workers, college students, all need work.  Work creates value, creates income, creates a better economy.  Why not have people working on ‘investments’ that matter?  The program is simple, give federal investment dollars to Community Colleges around the country to create simple Conservation training programs.  Possibly a 4 week class on safety, and the skills for light bulb, low flow, insulation installation.workers

I would double the investment below and create 1M jobs and not limit it to high school or other students.

Obama is ready to spend all the money from the war on new programs, whether it is 30 billion to bail out mortgage holders, health care, federal education dollars and Hillary will freeze rates and stop foreclosures for 90 days and then spend it on healthcare.  I appreciate that this is a campaign and people will say just about anything to people in pain.  The bigger picture is, we mess with the middle east because of oil, we should invest our hard earned money into ways to eliminate this dependency.

One way would be a summer program to drive conservation.  For how many years have you receive promotional materials from your electrical company to use lower use lighting, low flow shower heads etc..  There are probably tax dollars behind this if I were to look into it, but there is an incentive for the electrical company, it is called peak demand.  They can’t meet peak demand.  Their infrastructure is crumbling, we will not let them build any new plants, coal, nuclear, whatever, they need ways to reduce usage.  Well maybe we can help them.

Hire 500,000 high school and college students during the summer.  Provide them with all the materials, such as low usage lighting, window sealants, shower heads, a long list of materials.  Go from house to house and replace these units.  How much would this cost ?  500,000 x $10/hr x 40 hrs x 12 weeks = $2,400M, plus materials, guess of another 2,500M, plus management, coordination and Marketing of 500M. Program costs of just over $5.4B per year.  What do we gain?

Talk about a stimulus package, what are these young adults going to do with the income???  Yes, wouldn’t you like to believe save for college, not likely. They will spend it, several billion into the economy.

How many houses can they get to?  500,000 = teams of two = 250,000 teams, five places a day, two not home, they do three houses per day = 750,000 homes a day x 60 days = 45M homes.  Pretty aggressive, so say it is half that to be conservative, 22.5M homes.

111 million households in US – we get to 20% in one summer.  How much electrical savings? 1,139 (billion kWh) per year from all households.  We reduce by 10%-12%, which are numbers I have seen for conservation and what Germany has achieve with similar programs.  Per year electrical reduction = 20% of 1,139 billion x 12% = 27.3 (million kWh) or the equivalent elimination of 2,600 housholds from the grid.

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