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Clean Coal ?

American Clean Power ?

American Clean Power ?

Please stop talking about Clean Coal as some kind of solution for energy independence and/or global warming issues.  It can not do either of these.  Let’s use some common sense.  Coal to replace gasoline ?  Coal to replace home heating oil?  We could build more coal fired electricity generating plants, but that does not reduce our dependency on foreign oil for the other two needs.

The picture used on the left comes from the ACCCE, a new group funded by Coal and Energy companies.  They are in the process of spending millions of dollars on ad campaigns to tell you

1.) Coal generates %50 of our electricity 2.) Coal is cleaner and can be even cleaner with investment in technology.  They run ads on TV, they have a web site Thanks for Sharing!

Clean coal !  Please.  Is there such a thing as clean coal ? It does seem peculiar to me that both Presidential candidates highlight Clean Coal, some oil drilling and nuclear plants (McCain, not Obama), for our short term energy solutions.  Other technologies are always mentioned as an afterthought, oh, yeah, “some of that Solar and Wind stuff too”. One characteristic of the commonly mentioned technologies is they exist (not clean coal), and they are backed by large existing corporate and union interests. I am sure that is just a coincidence.

Clean Coal is NOT ready for prime time.  The more we try to make old solutions work, the more money, time and energy we take away from building RENEWABLE solutions.  What is renewable about Coal, even if it was Clean.  Nothing.  It is currently plentiful so let’s use it, is the logic.  Talk about clinging to beliefs.

The same reasons many conservatives knock newer renewable energy sources, such as ‘it is not ready’, ‘it will not scale’, ‘it is to expensive’, ‘it is unproven technology’…. All apply to clean coal.

The three technologies currently being researched and mostly in a pilot phase are;

Clean it, Filter it, and Capture it.

‘IT’ is nitrous oxide, sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide and of course your everyday mercury and other metals.

Clean it, consists of a bath for the coal prior to using.  It removes much of the sulfur, and some of nitrous oxide, BUT, it leaves a nice slurry of waste water that goes somewhere…oh yeah, in the ground, in a river, in the environment.  It does nothing to reduce carbon dioxide.

Filter it, means catalytic converter type filtering on the smokestake, or new oxygen purification systems where they cook the pollutants in a bath of oxygen.  This second approach is more effective but expensive.

Capture it, means Carbon Sequestration.  Even Al Gore talked about this during his powerpoint theater.  Is it just me, or does capturing the carbon dioxide and pumping it into the ground or better yet into active oil reserves make any sense ?  What a stupid idea.

I want to believe technology can solve most problems, and maybe it can reduce emissions so that Burning Coal produces NO pollutents.  But until that comes closer to reality, just shut up, and focus on alternative energies that actually work NOW and are clean.

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  1. Hi,I live in Eastern Kentucky,where Coal is King,I would like everyone to know,how dirty
    the Coal is in communities where the coal is mined,Everyone talks about the polluion from coal fired plants,that to is nasty.I just want people to not forget about the people where the coal is mined.We have many coal trucks every day come down off the mountain tops down thur our neigborhoods,sometimes as many as 100 loads a day at times 5 and 6 days a week.My front door is nomore than 15 feet from the road these trucks travel to coal preparation plant where the coal is cleaned by chemicals that eventually end up in our streams late at night,when no one is so called inspecting.Cancer in Eastern very high.Please go to the roots of before coal fired power plants,go to where it really begans,at the mines,and it’s effect on communities,Please don’t forget us when people talk about about coal fired plant being nasty to the enviroment,I’m telling you it is very bad on our health and enviroment.Everyone turn’s a blind eye and deaf ear to what really is going from it’s origin.As I began to talk about the coal trucks that pass by my home and the home’s of many people,they track mud,rock dust and coal dust and blow deisel smoke thur our communities,all which causes many kind’s of cancer,do a search on each one and see for your self,they cause many kind’s of cancer,we have been exposed to this for many year’s.The people at are seeing the real coal minning.I have exhausted my self with contacting state and federal people about these issue’s,I have tryed to get other people to get interested form other parts of the U.S.with no luck.The Kentuckian’s for the Commonweath,is one group but they really don’t get no immediate help,they try to change the laws for years all the time it gets worse and worse.Please get help to HighSplint and Closplint Kentucky
    Publish more artical’s on the origin of coal and it effects on the people and enviroment.
    Thank You Chuck

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