Yes, I had a three piece green suit back in the 70’s and 80’s. I used to wear it around in college to be different from the jeans & sweatshirt crowd. Mission Accomplished ! Now it stands as a metaphor for all of us, especially my generation to put on a ‘green suit’.  We have a chance to be a generation of action. Incremental change is not needed. Dramatic change, disruption, crisis, will drive major progress quicker than any other approach. Ask our founding fathers.

The storm clouds have been building for years on these issues.  So what do we do ?

This site looks at new technologies, proposes energy policy ideas, and serves as a way to drive discussion about action in this area. Take this information and bring it up at your town meeting, tell your co-workers at the coffee machine that the technology is here now, that WE need to act. Tell Washington to promote and provide incentives to not just research but help produce these ideas.

Brian Farrey


I was a teenager in the 70’s when Jimmy Carter wore his sweater and told everyone to lower their thermostats. I bought my first solar energy book back then and did a science paper on it for a high school report. I have been interested in alternative technologies for years and am continually fascinated by the innovation and desire of the scientific community to overcome current challenges. I am equally frustrated by the lack of visibility these ideas get.

Forces are aligned against these ideas becoming ‘viable’. The reasons are usually the same; Corporations do not have proper incentives to make new products. The US economy is driven by short term motives. Congress is influenced by Corporations and lobbyists and finally, a lack of leadership from the President to challenge us to do better. I believe that if challenged… industry, universities and the public will respond.

My current Gig

Chief Technology Officer

I have led Product & Technology teams for over 30 years.  I have built several successful start-ups into on-gong businesses, worked at large multi-national companies, worked across, Healthcare, Internet, Mobile and Financial Service industries and one thing has remained constant;  Technology, when employed effectively CAN solve problems.

With the right solutions, focus and aligned incentives, the problems associated with our Energy 1.0 dependencies can be replaced with a cleaner, sustainable Energy 2.0 solutions.